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Susquehanna Unlimited is here to help get your organization ready 

to reopen with the peace of mind of your work force returning to a 

clean and fully disinfected environment. 

The  plan of action for these situations is for the S.U. team to:


1.  Complete a full detail clean of designated areas to remove any dust and other build up from all visible surfaces.

2. Apply a CDC approved disinfectant to all surfaces, allow proper dwell time and then wipe clean where applicable.


We utilize a machine called a ULV disinfectant fogger , this machine emits an ultra fine fog mist to apply the disinfectant chemical to treat hidden surfaces that normal spray methods can not reach

This is both more cost effective and a far more effective application method than traditional pump \ aerator sprayers that can not achieve the same coverage.

Choose your disinfectant application carefully 

**The S.U. disinfectant application emits a disinfectant treatment that is 30 % finer spray than even traditional aerosol applications, reaching surfaces that others can not.

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